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May 16, 2018

Kara Trott, Founder and CEO of Quantum Health and Walker Bowden, Director of Self-Funded Marketing for Stephens Insurance, are interviewed by Frank Thomas in this episode of Stephens Viewpoints. Kara, Walker and Frank discuss innovations in engagement that allow members to navigate much better the healthcare maze.

Key Takeaways:

[:48] Kara’s career before healthcare was working with companies connecting with customers on their journey purchasing consumer goods and services — where people were getting value during the journey.

[1:40] Kara moved into healthcare in an advisory role on managed care strategies. She saw a fundamental problem with the healthcare journey being a bewildering experience for the consumer. She considered ways to shorten the journey and reduce costs.

[3:00] Employers, working with advisors like Stephens, work to get advances in care and treatment to connect effectively with humans. The system, as is, is too complex and benefits are hard to access.

[4:10] Kara wants someone to be primarily responsible for guiding a person requiring healthcare through the journey. She sees companies recognizing that people on a healthcare journey do not act or engage the same as people on a chosen journey.

[4:51] Walker says employers struggle to connect their employees to the services they need when they need them. The Quantum Real-Time Intercept helps to engage employees earlier and catch things when there is time to intervene. Engagement is over 60%. Cost savings come when preventive care is used.

[6:36] Kara sees Quantum Health as an industry disruptor by engaging the member in a customer model rather than a transaction model.

[8:40] Companies are responding to the model. Quantum has grown at 40% a year over the last 10 years. Companies are looking for solutions to get the best from the network.

[10:16] Walker sees that a variety of clients are embracing the Quantum model. Walker explains the Quantum model. It is a one-stop shop for employees.

[12:18] Karen sees advances in technology as positive. But while technology advances, the human experience does not change. The need for healthcare causes agitation. This agitation literally shuts down cognitive functions. There needs to be an expert guide.

[14:17] Walker explains the goals of the Stephens and Quantum Health partnership. They want to educate employers to understand that, from a self-funded viewpoint, there’s a different way to manage risks. Compare your current model to Quantum’s services.

[16:00] Quantum Health calls themselves ‘Healthcare Warriors.’ Members have a better experience and they achieve health savings.

[17:31] Stay tuned for more insights from Stephens Insurance.


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