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Mar 9, 2017

Marty Rhodes, President and CEO of Stephens Insurance, concludes the conversation with Frank Thomas in this episode of Stephens Viewpoints. Frank and Marty discuss complying with The Affordable Care Act, covering cyber liability, the future of Stephens Insurance, and how the Stephens culture helps retain talented team members. Listen in to learn more.


Key Takeaways:

[:32] The 2700-page Affordable Care Act introduced many issues into employee benefits insurance. Stephens had a team study it, and start doing seminars in Arkansas, to help businesses prepare. Challenges continue today, with rising rates.

[2:35] Data analytics plays an important part in assessing a client’s insurance coverage needs. The Stephens benefits platform has a data analytics expert, an actuary, two pharmacists, an M.D., and an attorney; all expert in employee benefits.

[4:00] Why does Stephens — a mid-sized insurance broker — have a doctor and pharmacists on staff? Marty explains.

[4:48] Marty talks about how Stephens benefits platform specialists serve their clients.

[6:34] Cyber liability is another current insurance coverage issue. A lot of companies are considering it, but it needs to be more widely adopted. Stephens offers this coverage.

[8:23] Marty discusses Stephens Insurance’s efforts in cyber security coverage.

[9:13] Stephens Insurance has an exciting future, building on the progress of the last several years. They continue to focus on bringing in new, talented, team members that will fit in the Stephens culture. Stephens will continue to focus on client relationships.

[10:23] Stephens platforms combine new talented members and members with years of experience to mentor them. The emphasis is quality in the team, in the products, and the service. Stephens relationships are built on quality of service and products.

[12:09] Having the right culture in place is the key to retention. The Stephens culture includes team, family, service, relationships, and quality. It’s a tremendous place to be.

[13:23] That concludes this podcast series. For more information, please contact Stephens Insurance at (501) 377-2000.


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