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Mar 9, 2017

Marty Rhodes, President and CEO of Stephens Insurance, joins Frank Thomas in this episode of Stephens Viewpoints. Frank and Marty discuss the beginnings of Stephens Insurance and the array of services Stephens Insurance currently offers. They also discuss the mergers and acquisitions trend in the insurance industry, and what companies should look for in a provider, for their risks. Listen in to hear more.


Key Takeaways:

[:37] Stephens Insurance was formed in 1987, serving life and health insurance clients. In 2005, Marty joined the company, with a background in property and casualty. Stephens built a property and casualty practice as well, and has grown significantly.

[1:20] Stephens Insurance clients are broadly varied. One carries $7.5 Billion in coverage. Some clients have tens of thousands of employees; some have 10.

[2:01] What are the main industry sectors that Stephens Insurance serves?

[2:31] Stephens Insurance offers employee benefits, commercial insurance, personal insurance, and all facets of brokerage business.

[3:00] Marty explains how the insurance industry survives economic downturns.

[4:37] Stephens Insurance has a robust platform, including specialists in data analytics, risk management, and in the various industry sectors they cover.

[5:53] Marty talks about the importance of the oil and gas industry to Stephens Insurance.

[6:51] What does big data contribute to the insurance process? Marty makes it clear.

[7:37] Consolidation in the insurance industry creates fewer choices for the clients, and company cultures do not always match. Stephens Insurance looks at additions to the group to see first if they fit into the client-driven, service-driven Stephens culture.

[8:50] Are insurance mergers and acquisitions approaching a bubble? Marty ties their sustainability to low interest rates. How long will rates stay low?

[9:55] Companies searching for a provider should look for a team that is concentrated on servicing their needs, with a large platform that will perform all the functions their risks require, such as good loss control engineering, risk management experience, claims advocacy, management liability, cyber and fiduciary liabilities, and so on.

[11:03] For more information, please contact Stephens Insurance at (501) 377-2000.


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